06 Dec 10 URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT: New Chats Will Be Disabled on Dec 7

We’re very sorry to report that the chat module is causing problems on the Connect server again, to the point where it can crash the site. We’ve therefore decided to disable the creation of new chat rooms in order to maintain the stability of Connect itself. Beginning Tuesday, December 7, 2010, groups will no longer be able to create new chats, although all past chats and archives will remain available.

Read more and ask questions in the Help community on ALA Connect.


26 May 10 Connect Chat Update

As I noted last month, we’ve been testing new versions of the Drupal chat module we’re using for Connect in an effort to resolve random problems some users are experiencing when using this feature. Unfortunately, our tests have concluded that there’s no stable version we can upgrade to at this time.

We’re going to explore alternate modules, but the reason we originally chose the current one is that it was the only stable one that was ADA-compliant and could be integrated into multiple groups (as opposed to just one).

I’ll update here again when we have more information but in the meantime, if your group experiences problems with Connect chat, we encourage you to contact your staff liaison to reserve an iLINK online meeting room. iLINK does offer transcripts, which you can copy and paste into Connect as a record of your meeting.

Thanks for your patience – hopefully we’ll be able to get this resolved in the near future.

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22 Apr 10 Chat Upgrade Temporarily Postponed

There’s a newer upgrade version of the chat room module we’re using for ALA Connect, and we haven’t had a chance to test it yet or investigate some of the reported problems with it. Therefore, we’re postponing the upgrade until we’ve had a chance to verify it will work well on the site.

We’ll post here when we know more about this newer new version and the upgrade is back on. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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