27 Feb 07 Feedback Form Updates – February 2007

ITTS and Library staff met with SydneyPLUS staff in January to look at a prototype of this application to accept and route incoming requests and track responses. Work continues.

01 Dec 06 Feedback Form Updates – November 2006

We are expecting a proposal from Sydney+ regarding the feedback form in early December.

31 Oct 06 Feedback Form Updates – October 2006

ITTS and Library/Knowledge Management Center staff met on October 30 to discuss interface issues for the feedback form. We identified several models on which to base our interface, and Karen Muller has agreed to make a first pass at defining the front page.

28 Sep 06 Feedback Form Updates – September 2006

We are now reviewing the specifications document on this from Sydney.

05 Sep 06 Feedback Form Updates – June/July 2006

June/July 2006

Library and ITTS staff met to develop a plan for implementing the online feedback form. Specifications have been sent to SydneyPLUS, and we are awaiting their estimate of development costs.

05 Sep 06 Feedback Form Updates – August 2006

August 2006

This project has been delayed while SydneyPLUS works on improving the login function.

06 Jul 06 Feedback Form – Background

During training for the new Knowledge Management System, ITTS staff created the “bones” of an online feedback mechanism that will write directly to a KMS database. This will eliminate spam email messages from the equation and will make feedback messages and their resolutions part of the knowledge base of the organization.