22 Jan 13 ITTS News Meeting – January 15, 2013

1. Blog & Wiki Migrations (Rob)

The blog and wiki migration from Dreamhost to ALA servers has been put on the backburner due to other projects right now
We did a test moving the ITTS News blog, which was successful
We’ll work on this project after Midwinter
We have more than 80 blogs and more than 70 wikis, so this will be a long process because each site needs a little work in order to get it ready for migration
Rob will work with units individually because all of a unit’s sites on a single domain must be moved at once will be the last site moved because it has 50 wikis on it
Moodle will remain hosted externally because we need additional support for it; we’re investigating specialty Moodle hosting services now

2. ALA Connect (Jenny)

Drupal 7 Upgrade
We’ve postponed the upgrade until the week of February 11th so that we can ensure proper testing and not run into any problems right before Midwinter
The change should be pretty seamless to users – the interface is the same, the functionality is the same, etc., so no major documentation or training should be necessary
Two things will be different, though:

Chats will work a little differently because that module was re-written by the author
Individual chats will now work like every other content type, so you’ll be able to create an individual chat from the “Add” button
You’ll also be able to categorize your chats using your group’s existing subject headings and chat transcripts will be searchable
Also, chats will appear on the group home page, so chats occurring now should be easier to find because they’ll appear as the new content at the top of the page

Email notifications will also change in Drupal 7 and hopefully will get easier to read
Because we’re using our own Drupal module now, we can format the notifications however we want (especially for digest versions)
In the weeks after the Drupal 7 launch, we’ll work on reformatting these emails
We want feedback about what users would like to see change with notifications, so we’ll do a survey of both members and staff to ask for suggestions

Connect-iMIS sync issue

Members and staff have reported enough problems with Connect rosters that we know there is some kind of an issue with the synchronization between iMIS and Connect
Since nothing has changed on either side recently and the problems appear to be random, it’s been very difficult to troubleshoot the problem
In February, we plan to pull together a group to work on resolving the issue
In the meantime, we’ve put every active committee member in the overnight sync in order to re-synchronize the rosters going into Midwinter
We also turned on email notifications from committees for every committee member as part of the re-synchronization
We believe that this will solve the problem short-term until we can implement a long-term fix, but it’s important for all staff liaisons to check their rosters to make sure they’re updated
Please report any problems to Jenny via Track-It so that we can continue logging issues and find the pattern

3. Reminder to access remote resources prior to leaving for Midwinter conference (Louise and Pam)

A reminder that the document for accessing remote resources can be found on

ITTS has moved the old support wiki into now that the ALA website is in Drupal 7
Pam has been working on updating the content and adding new information
The one thing to note is that there are pages that only staff can view; if you have a member account, you won’t be able to see the staff-only page
The “staff resources” area includes the “remote resources” page that can be very useful if you’re going to Midwinter
Note that you can’t test your NetStorage access to the LAN from inside the building – it only works externally

4. Review of New Hire Web Form (Louise)

We’ve moved the “New Hire” form to th3 “staff resources” section on the Support site (
The great thing about this new form is that portions of it can be sent to whichever unit needs that information

Use this form for:

  • Employee name change
  • New Hire
  • Status change
  • Unit transfer
  • Termination

The form walks you through the various options for each type of request
Note that it isn’t quite ready to go live yet but will be soon

Question: When will the Outlook Address Book be cleaned up?
Answer: Not sure who has access to maintain that and authority to change it. We need a way to kludge together the Outlook Address Book, the KM staff directory, and the Contact Us list. Mary G. will look into who is responsible for what to sort this out because at least one of them needs to be reliably updated. Discussion about ways to do this, and we’ll try to work on this after Midwinter.


04 Jun 12 ITTS News Meeting – May 22, 2012

ALA Connect (Jenny)

The Annual Scheduler went live last month and we’re now working on the mobile Scheduler app for early June
– Don’t forget you can add descriptions and speaker info to Annual sessions all the way through the conference itself
Beta testing for the new Connect interface went so well that we postponed implementation until after July 4th to try to incorporate as many user suggestions as possible; Jenny will send out an all-staff announcement when we have a specific date for the launch, along with dates for more staff demo sessions and eventually online webinars for members.
The upcoming timeline for Connect work includes some major behind-the-scenes projects:

  • July – Launch the Connect redesign and move Connect to ALA servers
  • August – Migrate Connect from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7
  • September – Work on merging the Midwinter conference site with the Midwinter Scheduler for an October 1 launch; work on merging Connect profile data into iMIS (could possibly be used with Informz in the future); work on phase 2 of the Connect redesign
  • October – Launch Shibboleth single sign-on with, combine website and Connect profiles into one, and implement’s Solr search engine installation for federated search of both sites
  • November – Launch Midwinter Scheduler within the Midwinter website
  • December – Launch the Midwinter mobile Scheduler app with session evaluation feature
  • January – Open merged Annual website with integrated Scheduler

We’ll resume feature development in calendar year 2013.


Drupal CMS Migration Update (Sherri)

  • Homepage Go Live Schedule: We expect to take the homepage live in Drupal at the end of the day on May 29th. This will complete the migration to Drupal.
  • Drupal Enhancements
    1. Modules: Your microsite should have feature slides, navpods, lightbox, and also the book module (really great for displaying policy and other types of manuals) available. Let Louise know if you need modules enabled or if you require training.
    2. Feature Slide (AKA Homepage Highlights) templates now include left and right side image options. Templates for feature slides are available at and templates for pods are at Please use the original navpod size until we inform you that the other options are available.
  • Feedback Forms
    Feedback Forms have been installed on each microsite. Forms are set to submit email responses to ITTS, and the owning unit. On shared portions of the site, messages are sent to the web group list for that area. It is expected that the appropriate personnel will take the lead in responding to these messages.

Ecommerce Project (Sherri)

  • The requirements document has been shared with unit managers, with a request for review and further comments from staff.
  • We expect to release the draft version of the RFP for feedback from the Website Advisory Committee and staff by mid-June.

Virtual Meeting Software Update (Sherri)

After reviewing the results of the Online Learning survey, ITTS has determined that we should have three shared rooms seating 100. Because of Adobe Connect’s named license requirement, we need to determine which ALA units will be assigned to each room. Please contact us with possible partnerships for each shared space.

  • We can manually move iLinc recordings and players, but they will not play in Connect rooms. We will have to relocate them elsewhere to keep them available.
  • We believe we can also manually move Connect recordings to Connect rooms, but have not tested that functionality yet. We will know for sure whether that’s possible by the end of this week.
  • Units with recordings in either platform are requested to begin making lists of which of their recordings will need to be transferred.

Discussions continue, and we hope to have a decision soon.

21 May 08 NLW on ALA Island in SL

I have a lot of blog “homes” and this week, joining two more nings, it got even harder for me to choose one, but for now it’s here at the Association of Virtual Worlds ning.

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22 Aug 07 Implementation of new desktop computers and laptops is complete!

Replaced laptops ITTS staff have spent the last couple of months switching out 64 laptops and 132 desktops throughout the Chicago office. The lease on these machines is up, so we are now in the process of cleaning the hard drives and sending them back.

Replaced desktop computers We’ve also installed flat-screen monitors for everyone, so we hope you’re making good use of the new-found space on your desk. If you received a new computer during this round and encounter any problems with it, please contact us or submit a Track-It help request.

23 Mar 07 Moodle Testbed

A test version of Moodle, an open-source course management system, has been created and released to staff who currently have courses running in WebCT. We will experiment with this software until May 31st, at which time we will determine if it suits our needs. If it does, we will develop a transition plan to move to Moodle before our WebCT license expires in November.

27 Feb 07 New PC and laptop roll out

The lease on about one-third of our desktop PCs and laptops will expire in June. We are working on a plan to roll out this new equipment. We are also planning a couple of days when people who use laptops will have a hands-on opportunity to test and select the model of laptop they would like to have.

01 Dec 06 WebCT Updates – November 2006

We continue on WebCT version while we evaluate our options. We will create a Moodle test bed to evaluate its suitability as a replacement for WebCT.

01 Dec 06 SpaceMaster Updates – November 2006

No change.


28 Nov 06 Inbound Email Update

Processing of inbound email is caught up. More than 53,000 email messages were processed in the last 24 hours. Please let us know if you experience any email slowness going forward.

27 Nov 06 Inbound Email Slowdown

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend we received an overwhelming amount of spam email, which has caused a slowdown in the processing of inbound email. Outbound email appears to be fine. The backlog built up over the weekend is taking quite a while to process, as it is first being filtered for spam. The backlog has been being processed all day Monday, November 27th, and is expected to continue through the evening. We will continue to provide updates as the processing continues.