14 Sep 12 ITTS News Meeting – August 21, 2012

Drupal features you may not know about (Louise)

Louise showed how to:

  • Embed a video in a web page; anyone can do it using the icon on the WYSIWYG editor; she recommends keeping the size to 500-700 pixels wide at most (500 for pods)
  • Add an audio file using the “multimedia” section of the page (not an icon in the WYSIWYG editor)
  • Embed external content using an iframe by inserting the HTML into the source code; the example she used was OIF’s Banned Books Week Timeline

Louise also discussed “microsites,” which are subsites that use a different template from the standard one
any unit can request a microsite, but please allow a minimum of two weeks notice so that ITTS has time to implement it before your deadline for it to be live
for a microsite, you’ll need to provide a banner, color scheme, and links; colors can be different from the template, but not font size

Virtual Meeting Software (Sherri)

Louise is configuring Adobe Connect
please make sure your staff list is current for your unit in the KM system because Louise is creating “groups” now
because of the way the Adobe Connect licensing works, we need to assign one person in each unit to be the main point of contact for using the software
Adobe is trying to convert our iLinc archives
all ALA staff are Adobe Connect users by default
we recommend you put your webinar materials in your unit’s shared folder so that anyone can get to it

Blogs & wikis (Sherri)

ITTS has found software to maintain our blogs and wikis in-house, so we’ll be migrating from DreamHost sometime in the near future
we’ll give plenty of notice and set up a schedule when we have more information

Rollout of network disk space (Sherri)

ITTS is moving files to a new storage location in order to add more storage space
this should stop the network full messages, but please take a few minutes to clean out any files you no longer need

RFPs (Sherri)

Sherri noted that we have several RFPs running right now

  • Profile Management System that will help us merge Connect and profiles into one (released in June, work to begin in September)
  • New ecommerce system – will replace ActiveMatter (responses due in September, work to begin in November)
  • New event management system – will replace ActiveEvents and add abstract management plus speaker management (RFP released in August, work to be completed before August 2013)
  • Committee Appointment System – ITTS is talking with Charles Wilt about redoing the committee appointment forms to move them out of ColdFusion; will solicit input from other units after initial discussions (work to be completed by June 2013)

ALA Connect (Jenny)

Jenny will hold additional sessions on the redesign in a few weeks


27 Feb 07 Committee Volunteer Form Updates – February 2007

This application is now available for all units to use. At this point, ALCTS, ACRL, LAMA, LITA and ASCLA are all using the application for their appointments processes. Units interested in customizing the application for their appointments should contact the help desk.

01 Dec 06 Committee Volunteer Form Updates – November 2006

Work continues on customizing the volunteer application for four ALA units.

31 Oct 06 Committee Volunteer Form Updates – October 2006

Development work has been completed on the Committee Volunteer Form, and it is being rolled out to the Divisions. The timing of Division appointment activity varies, so we expect full roll-out to occur over the next three months.

28 Sep 06 Committee Volunteer Form Updates – September 2006

Work on the current phase of this project was wrapping up at the end of the month. It is expected to go live in early October.

05 Sep 06 Committee Volunteer Form Updates – June/July 2006

June/July 2006

The next major phase is to add a robust committee volunteer form that will retain demographic information, education and accomplishments, etc. ALA units have been solicited for their input in hopes of creating a universal volunteer form that can be used by all units.

05 Sep 06 Committee Volunteer Form Updates – August 2006

August 2006

Work continues. We called for unit-specific committee volunteer forms and received approximately 10 responses. These forms will be analyzed for differences and similarities, with an eye toward developing a universal committee volunteer form. We are still on target for a fall release.

25 Jul 06 Committee Volunteer Form – Background

Amos Lieberman has been working with Charles Wilt in ALCTS to refine a committee appointment process management application. The system will track volunteers, allow appointing officers to select committee members, and update member records in iMIS. The application continues to be refined as new user needs are identified. It is expected that the application will eventually be broadened for use by all ALA units that have appointments to make.