14 Jan 10 American Library Association Seeks New CMS


The Association is seeking a vendor to handle the migration of, which includes 11 division subsites, a number of online publications, and our site for the public (I Love Libraries to a new content management system.

Simplifying the site organization and maintenance is a key component of what we hope to achieve in the new CMS.

We are also seeking an alternative solution for creating new and transforming existing forms (several hundred active and legacy Cold Fusion applications and FormMail). We are not wedded to the continued use of Cold Fusion and want to move away from it, so the system should allow for arbitrary data sources (separate MySQL databases) and other languages besides CF, including but not necessarily limited to Python, PHP and Ruby. It is crucial that we have the ability to either render existing CF aps so that they look and behave like the rest of the site or move them to another system that can do so.

If the recommended system is not open source, it would be very desirable if ALA could license the original code for internal use. At the very least, we would want access via an API.

Contact information in the RFP.

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