22 Dec 09 Major iMIS Upgrade Planned

iMIS is the Association’s membership management system and database, and is central to functions such as renewal.  From a member perspective, there have been a couple (2) of brief (several seconds each) outages during the last week due to heavy traffic. While the next two weeks should be relatively slow, the week prior to Midwinter will be an active one, so we wanted to alert members about the situation and planned upgrades.

We have been experiencing slowness with our iMIS Membership System over the past several weeks due to increased utilization.

In anticipation of this, we have been planning a major server upgrade, and will be upgrading hardware, operating system, and SQL versions to improve performance.  While we have the server hardware ready to go, we do not have the full complement of staff and consultants required to make the transition until early January.  Because when we make the transition to the new server, all the systems that touch the iMIS database will have to be tested to be sure everything is okay, we have decided to do the upgrade after the Midwinter meeting.

What does this mean to you?

If you are working in the iMIS system and experience slowness, please be patient, and try again later.  If you are a member and experience slowness logging into the website, registering for an event, renewing your membership, or making a donation, please try again later.

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