26 Oct 10 ITTS News Meeting 10-26-2010

1. Collage SQL Server Database Upgrade (Jeff)

We didn’t want to conflict with activities during the recent board meetings, so the upgrade has been put off until some time in November. We will let you know the exact date when it is rescheduled.

2. Website Cleanup for Drupal Migration (Louise & Sheila)

Progress: Louise is meeting with unit managers to give them their Web Snapshot Reports, to discuss strategic objectives and plan mitigation efforts. Meetings are scheduled between now and mid-December

Training: Sheila has developed a Moodle class with support materials for the website cleanup. The access URL and instruction key are provided in a link in the Web Snapshot Report. She provided a tour of the course, “Liberation from Collage” and recommends that staff and member-volunteers engaged in mitigation efforts use the course in parallel as they work through the items on their lists.

Knowledge Management System (Irene)

New Enhancements: Irene demonstrated how to search for yourself in the Staff Directory, add information, upload a photo (it has to have the same number of pixels for the length and the width), and add expertise. Reminder: the Staff Directory on the website pulls from the KM, so please maintain your correct job title and phone extension. There’s a bug that exposes your home phone to people looking at your profile in the KM (not the website) when it should limit that information to the Call Tree. Please wait until you get the all-clear before adding that information.

Irene also demonstrated how to register for a class in the Orientation & Training area of the KM by clicking on its name. (Register for multiple events by using the checkboxes and the Register/Unregister link at the top and bottom of the page.) You will receive a meeting invitation that you can accept to add the class to your Outlook calendar. Unregister by (you guessed it) going back to the KM, selecting the checkbox next to the class and clicking the Register/Unregister link.

New Wiki Usage Notification (Rob)

To prevent spam from overtaking ALA wikis, Rob has developed a script that reviews the login status of the wiki’s sysops. If no one with sysop privileges has logged in during the last 90 days, the wiki is locked and becomes read-only. Please upgrade staff and member-volunteers who maintain wikis to sysop status. Sheila will send the link to the instructions. If a wiki is locked down and needs to be revived, check with Rob Berquist.

From Sheila:  To learn how an administrator  can assign roles on their wiki, please start here:

Anyone can learn more about establishing and caring for a Wiki from this Sandbox Wiki.  In the future, you can access it by going to the Wiki section of the ITTS Training Website at:

More Twitter Sessions Coming Soon (Sherri)

Jenny will be providing more Twitter sessions for those who tweet and retweet. Check the Orientation & Training schedule on the KM in the next week or so, and use the one-click registration method Irene demonstrated to sign-up.

iLINC Issue (Sheila)

Those with iLINC accounts have already received an email about the situation preventing us from having the use of all four of our rooms whenever four ALA staff users with accounts are in a session, any session. Because units already have resources attached to their user accounts, we don’t necessarily want to delete user accounts. Our workaround is to have anyone on staff who is attending but who is not leading the session login with a personal email address rather than their staff email. Those logging in with personal emails rather than staff logins get guest accounts that can be set up to be assistants and actively manage the meeting without triggering the system to think we’re using another room.  See the email message or Connect iLINC Early Adopters community posting for more information. Units that are willing to trade in their personal accounts for a generic unit_user account attached to their unit email should enter a TrackIT ticket.