13 Jun 19 IT Update for Annual Conference 2019

eStore/eLearning eCommerce

The current goal of the eStore/eLearning project is to add all ALA eLearning offerings to the store, making it is easy for members and other potential registrants to find and purchase/register for any ALA eLearning event in one place. We are enhancing the service integration options, and saving this activity to the customer’s profile in iMIS. Promet currently estimates a feature complete date to be July 10, 2019.

Accomplishments for 2019 include:

  • We are finishing testing for the 1.8 release to be deployed after Annual Conference.

Some of the enhancements/updates that will be a part of Release 1.8:

  • Improve shipping calculations with discounts
  • Enhancements to kits
  • Security Updates
  • Update design issues
  • Create individualized email notifications for products
  • Hide attendee lists from users for free events

Our plan going forward is to:

  • Complete functional testing, User Acceptance Testing and deploy the final major releases (1.9 & 1.9.2)

Membership Dues and Donations eCommerce

The goal for the Membership Dues and Donations project is to improve the membership and customer experience for processing dues and donations. This system has been live for over two years.

Accomplishments for 2019 include:

  • Deployed Drupal security release v7.62
  • Deployed v3.00 Beta 2 release, correcting the 1st and 2nd year membership charges

Our plan going forward is to:

  • Test and deploy new releases to fix known issues and security updates
  • Develop new features to improve the member and customer experience as required

Salesforce Advocacy and Development Project

The goal of the Salesforce project is to provide a tool that will increase the capabilities for Advocacy and Development.

Detailed Goals:

Public Policy and Advocacy

  • Track cultivation of new and existing advocates across the organization
  • Look up ALA members and advocates by zip code / Congressional District
  • Annotate records with “soft touch” data, including points of contact and areas of interest
  • Track interactions and information about current and past members of Congress and other elected officials
  • Track interactions and points of contact between Advocacy/Public Policy staff and members of Congress, elected officials, and Federal agencies
  • Surface relationships between advocates and current and past members of Congress and other elected officials
  • Track and report on advocate actions based on zip code / Congressional District

Development office (Fundraising)

  • Track cultivation of new and existing donors across the organization
  • Annotate records and track “soft touch” data, including points of contact, areas of interest, and likeliness of donations
  • Enhance reporting capabilities
  • Use data to generate leads from the prospect pool and from the advocate population


  • Implement a well-integrated system that is scalable to other departments at ALA if applicable
  • Create new business intelligence information
  • Explore Salesforces data analytics module “Einstein” capabilities for future uses

Accomplishments for FY 2019 include:

  • Three Demo’s with stakeholders with improved ALA modifications each time
  • Data mapping between iMIS membership database and Salesforce completed and Test data imported into Salesforce for UAT (User Acceptance Testing)
  • User Acceptance Testing is underway
  • Integration between iMIS and Salesforce programing using Dell Boomi (Integration system) has been started

Our plan going forward is to:

  • Finish Salesforce/iMIS integration with Dell Boomi
  • Complete User Acceptance Testing
  • End user Training
  • Conversion and go live

In next FY (2020)

  • Convert Development Soft-Credits
  • Identify and implement any additional Advocacy and Development needs
  • Identify any additional ALA standalone underserved system to add to Salesforce

ALA Connect

The goal of the ALA Connect project is provide the ability to do committee work, community work, networking, member engagement, non-member engagement, and marketing of products and services to our members and non-members.

Accomplishments for 2019 include:

  • Launch of the Connect Administration Bi-Weekly meeting
  • Consolidation of multiple FAQ pages into a single page
  • Creation of User Guidelines – to be published after review
  • Pilot deployment of Workspace to ALA Task Force to explore Online Deliberation and Voting
  • Launch of pilot study for Mentoring @ ALA
  • Working with the Office of Member Relations and community admins to improve site navigation. Initial designs are being refined before presenting to management
  • Working with eConverse Media to redesign site layouts. Initial designs are being refined before presenting to management
  • Creation of new training materials

Currently, we are:

  • Working with Member Relations and community admins improve site navigation / menus
  • Working with Higher Logic to refine the Workspace Module before adding it to service offerings
  • Working with eConverse Media to improve site layout and improve user experience

Our plan going forward is to:

  • Implement Workspace for collaboration on documents with versioning and balloting module
  • Refine menu navigation with Member Relations and site admins
  • Work with eConverse medio, ALA management, and site admins to improve site design
  • Implement Volunteer Manager Module

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance is a set of security controls that businesses are required to implement to protect credit card data and comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Accomplishments for 2019 include:

  • Completed a vulnerability scan which provided for a PCI Compliance baseline (October 2018)
  • Resolved priority vulnerabilities found in the October scan
  • Completed an additional vulnerability scan to create a new baseline (May 2019)
  • Provided security training for email phishing to all ALA Staff

Currently, we are working on:

  • Creating remediation plans for open issues
  • Resolving vulnerabilities
  • Completion and verification of security training for email phishing for all ALA Staff

Our plan going forward is:

  • Educating our users and stakeholders about PCI compliance by developing relevant staff training materials
  • Working to improve our compliance posture
  • Implementing and maintaining a set of policies and procedures to operationalize PCI Compliance

iMIS Membership System Upgrade

The goal of the iMIS membership system upgrade is to move to the current version, allowing us to use a web interface to track our member and customer information. The upgrade includes data dashboards showing trend data that can be used to improve member engagement.

Accomplishments for 2019 include:

  • Upgraded to the most recent version of our Shibboleth Single Sign-on Technology Component

Currently, we are working on:

  • Testing the Shibboleth Single Sign-0n Technology Component Upgrade

Our plan going forward is to:

  • Complete Final User Acceptance Testing of iMIS
  • Perform the upgrade in September 2019

Digital Asset Inventory

The goal of the Digital Asset Inventory is to identify the digial assets of the association, providing information needed to inform ALA’s content strategy.

Accomplishments for 2019 include:

  • Sending the digital property survey was sent to staff in late February
  • Conducting post survey interviews with staff
  • Identification of 265 digital properties (excludes ALA Connect, email marketing, social media)
  • There is a high number of sites and high volume of content to maintain which leads to outdated, infrequently updated content.

Our plan going forward is to:

  • Decrease the Digital Property Footprint (goal is to decrease number of sites by 30-40%)
  • Develop & Enforce Digital Protocols
  • Leverage the inventory deliverable as a reusable tool for ALA
  • Enforce standards when creating new properties
  • Enforce archiving protocols around decommissioning sites
  • Bring usability standards and best practices to ALA
  • Commence work on Digital/Content Strategy

Miscellaneous Infrastructure Accomplishments:

  • Windows 10 Laptop Rollout
  • Enhance Joblist/YourMembership site to participate in ALA’s single sign on
  • Migrated ASGCLA/RUSA blogs back in-house
  • Deployed Libraries Ready to Code project to ALA website
  • Did a system wide cleanup in sympa removing users with obvious “email address no longer in use”

ITTS Staffing Changes

  • New eCommerce Manager, Nathan Strong
  • New IT Project Manager, Shakir Akbari
  • New Data Analyst, Stan Kessler
  • New Training Specialist, Patrick Harrington
  • Continue the search for a User Experience Manager

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