11 Jan 18 New ALA Connect Pilot Launch: Sessions At Midwinter

ITTS is planning to launch LLAMA, as a pilot in the New ALA Connect!

  • We will gather feedback while giving the New Connect a test run.
  • ALA, remaining Divisions and Round Tables will be launched in Spring 2018.
  • The integration of the Work-Space module, (featuring native polls, collaborative documents, and more) will be released after the launch, as part of Phase II.
  • Training and demos will be offered during Midwinter.  Session times/dates can be found at
  • Registration for training after Midwinter is currently available, and can be found at More dates may be added, if needed.
  • Check out the link to the live, cloud-based Project Plan for latest up-to-date details on the launch progress.

This decision will help us avoid serious security vulnerabilities as well as save the cost of having to maintain, support and upgrade two systems. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.


Pamela Akins
Community Engagement Specialist, ITTS, x4210
American Library Association
50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611, 6th floor  312-280-4210

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