14 Oct 14 iMIS 20 Membership System Upgrade Scheduled

The iMIS 20 membership system upgrade is scheduled for this weekend Friday, October 17th.  The iMIS database will be put in read-only mode beginning at 5:00pm CT, Friday October 17th .  A copy of the database will be upgraded and put in place over the weekend.

During the upgrade:

Our members and staff will be able to:

  • Log in to the website and update content in Drupal
  • Log in and make updates to ALA Connect
  • Register for Midwinter

Our members and staff will not be able to:

  • Save data to the iMIS membership system (e.g. update member contact information, join or renew their membership, register for a small event/webinar, make donations, reset passwords, volunteer for a committee, etc.)

The new iMIS 20 desktop will be made available to staff on Monday, October 20th . The new interface is very similar to the existing one and the web front end will look the same.  We will send an email to all staff when the upgrade is complete and full access is restored.  There will be a note on the homepage about this before and during the upgrade process.

Check the ALA Twitter account for the most current updates over the weekend.

We want to thank you for your patience.

Sherri Vanyek

Director, Information Technology & Telecommunication Services

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