16 Oct 12 ITTS News Meeting

Given the small number of items to be covered at today’s in-person ITTS News Update, it has been cancelled.  The items that we were going to cover are listed below. 

Password Privacy Implementation
As stated in ALA’s computer policy, we will begin expiring network passwords every 90 days, requiring unique passwords, and setting the length to be at least eight characters long.

ITTS Employee Change Notice
The hiring manager check list now requires a three day advanced notice for all new hires who need to be set up in our systems.  This give us time to allow for propagation throughout our systems.

Update on Ecommerce Proposals
Sherri and Louise have read and evaluated 21 ecommerce proposals.  We have three proposals in the top tier and two in a second tier.  We’re now obtaining input from other ITTS staff.

Blog & Wiki Server Upgrade
We now have 80 blogs and 72 wikis.  We plan to migrate them to a new dedicated server as soon as possible.  A message to all staff about the upgrade is forthcoming.



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