24 Jan 12 Drupal 7 Training for ALA Member-Volunteers

Drupal 7 training for ALA member-volunteers is posted in the public sessions listing at the ALA iLinc site, which is where attendees should register. Current offerings are:

Drupal Training for Member-Volunteer Content Editors————————-01/27/2012 01:30 PM CST
Drupal Training for Member-Volunteer Content Editors ————————02/03/2012 10:00 AM CST

The sessions are free, but enrollment is restricted to members who will be maintaining any portion of or  staff at locations other than Chicago. We will verify that your division or round table approves your access to training and the subsequent setting of your site login to provide content manager permissions.

Note that times listed are for the central standard time zone;  adjust for your location.

More training sessions and asynchronous training will be available in  March.

Louise Gruenberg | ALA Sr. Usability Officer


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