22 Dec 11 Who’s live in Drupal now?

ALA Migration to Drupal Logo        The intensity of the migration workload has kept me from writing about how busy the team has been since we announced the first series of go-lives on October 28. Since then, all of the ALA Round Tables (with the exception of SRRT, whose members are recreating it in Drupal behind the scenes) have migrated from Collage to Drupal and gone-live. AASL, ACRL and ACRL Choice, ALTAFF, ASCLA, LITA,  RUSA, and YALSA have joined early adopters PLA, ALSC, LLAMA and I Love Libraries. ALA Accredited Programs, Education & Careers, Membership and Professional Tools site sections have migrated.

Who’s left? About ALA, the ALA Offices area, and Programming & Exhibits are wrapped up and ready to go-live on January 3rd, when our vendor, Pixo (formerly OJC Technologies)  and ALA ITTS migration team members Rob Berquist and Sean Bires return from their holidays. ALCTS is also expected to go-live either that week or the next.

After that we’ll be working on Conferences & Events, News & Press Center*, Online Learning, and the Advocacy area, followed by the introduction of the newly integrated Awards, Grants & Scholarships database. Offices, divisions and round tables that offer awards, grants and/or scholarships (and isn’t that most of them?) will be able to easily update the database, which will generate automatically updated web pages in each unit’s branding. We hope to have it ready to display information about the ALA honorees recognized at Midwinter Meeting. In February we will work with interested divisions and round tables to provide them with the same functionality.

All these plans are subject to change the closer we get to Midwinter Meeting. We’ve scheduled a hiatus on migrations just before, during and after Midwinter, because we know that even if we get migrations completed, people will be too busy to be trained by team member Sheila Joy.

There’s more to share, so I promise not to take so long to get the next post written.

Louise Gruenberg | Sr. Usability Officer

*Although we’ll be migrating the News & Press Center before Midwinter Meeting, we won’t rollout the change in workflow for press release processing until February. We don’t want anything to disrupt the all-important Youth Media Awards and other significant events taking place during Midwinter.

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