16 Jun 11 Migration Review Schedule Information Released

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Yesterday, unit directors received proposed dates for their division, round table, office or topical site areas’ migration reviews. What’s a migration review? It’s a walkthrough of the migrated site to determine whether it’s ready to go-live.

Site reviewers  compare the migrated site on the development server to the current site. They get to have a lot of fun, poking around, clicking links, downloading files, filling out forms, making bug reports if they notice problems, kicking the tires and slamming the doors. (Just kidding about those last two.)

Because we can’t migrate everyone at once, reviews are scheduled to begin in early July and continue through the end of August. Those who requested early adoption status were scheduled for early July.

Round table and division section member-volunteers who work on the website and intend to be involved with their site review should check with their staff liaisons to get the scheduled review date.

There is some flexibility with review dates as long as the request for a change is made by July 1.

Louise Gruenberg

Sr. Usability Officer

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