01 Jun 09 Help Us Create a Better Event Planner

At the Midwinter Website Advisory Committee meeting, a subcommittee formed to help implement a new conference event planner in ALA Connect. This group has put together a survey to help us learn what members want improved/fixed/added/changed about the current event planner.

You can help us out by completing the survey and giving us specific suggestions for what would help you. If you’ve ever complained about using ALA’s event planner (or even if you haven’t), now’s your chance to actually *do* something about it. Don’t just mutter under your breath – mutter to us.  🙂

The survey will be open through July 19, 2009, and anyone can take it, including non-members. All of the feedback received will help us shape the new event planner, which we hope to implement for the 2010 Midwinter Meeting.

Thank you to WAC members Dave Hargett, Rebecca Jackman, Mary Popp, Jean Rainwater, and William Reed for their invaluable help with this project.

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    Event Planner Usability…

    I don’t recall that ALA’s conference event planner was really any better the first time I tried it than it is today: the interface is clunky, the design takes up too much space, and all the information that could be available isn’t, a…

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    Hi, thanks for sharing this post. Is there a follow up to this posting anywhere on the site or your blog? I wasn’t able to find it. I am interested in seeing what transpired. Thanks so much, Christopher

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    Do you have specific questions we can answer?