25 Feb 09 ITTS Update Meeting – February 24, 2009

1. Website

  • Web Services Health Check (Sherri)
    ITTS circulated an RFP to diagnose and fix sporadic reports of problem with web-based services
    we’ve been unable to replicate the problem to date, so we’re having issues troubleshooting it
  • Web Tag Team Initiative (Louise)
    introduced Sheila Joy, ITTS’ new trainer (the new Louise!)
    Web Tag Team is looking at those pages on the site that have nothing tagged to them – in other words, no content
    they’ll be going through the site and tagging things they think should appear under those subject headings
    will contact web managers when they want to add a tag to a page
    more should start appearing under those pages
    will have to discuss adding new content to the page if none existsquestion: can we send the report of pages with no content around to the unit managers?
    answer: yes, although we’ll probably put it on the share drive

2. ALA Connect Update (Jenny)
we’re still scheduled to soft launch in March and launch officially in April
have a number of volunteer groups for the soft launch
one more staff Q&A session Wednesday afternoon, although we may do a few more in March leading up to the launch

3. E-petition application (Donavan)
Board wanted this for this year’s election
we’ve tried to create something all units can use so need everyone to provide feedback
works a lot like the committee volunteer applications (public and staff sides) with flexible options

4. Second Life (Donavan)
the three staff members most involved in Second Life can’t really initiate anything for National Library Week
need input, initiative, and hopefully volunteers from the divisions and offices
putting on symposia, working with an Emerging Leaders team on an in-world event, continuing to put up videos and podcasts from Midwinter, have a Twitter feed
testing a live streaming capability
gaining confidence in our ability to use this as an enhancement for presenting programs, especially given how tight budgets are
let Donavan or Tina know if you have anything on your sites you want to re-purpose into SL

5. Blogs and Wikis Migration (Matt)
see the email that went out to all staff yesterday
Matt will migrate all blogs this weekend
contact him if you have questions or if you don’t need your blog moved so that he can delete it

6. Midwinter Twitter Presentation (Jenny)
Jenny did an overview of things said about ALA on Twitter and tweets from the Midwinter Meeting

7. Keeping up with developments

Blog w/RSS Feed –
Wiki –

8. Q&A

None this time

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