26 Jan 12 Moodle Outage

The server that hosts is currently experiencing issues. We are aware of the issue and I am working with Dreamhost to resolve the situation. Currently there is no ETA, but I hope to have it back up sometime today.

I apologize for any issues this is causing.

05 Jan 12 WordPress Update

WordPress 3.3.1 is now available. I will be updating ALL blogs throughout the day today. If you notice an outage, please allow 15 minutes and recheck it before submitting a ticket.

13 Dec 11 resolved

After much work, all wikis hosted at are now repaired and live.

Many extensions used association wide had to be deleted. Most of them were abandoned by the author and had not been updated in years. This is likely the point of entry for the intruder. Please look at the following list carefully.

Deleted Extensions

  • Bad Behavior – Poor spam filter. Never really worked anyway
  • Simple Pie – Created an RSS feed for feedburner
  • gFlash – Allowed for embedding Flash videos on the wiki
  • googleCalendar – Allowed for embedding the Google Calendar on the wiki

If this negatively impacts your wiki, please let me know and we can find an alternative extension.

13 Dec 11 update

I am bringing up wikis one at a time as I finish fixing them. Currently the malicious pages have all been removed. I am doing a complete overhaul on all installed extensions. Once I reinstate your wiki, please let me know if any extensions of functionality is missing. I have to be pretty aggressive when cleaning these extensions.

Thank you for your patience on this issue. The estimated time to completion is still the end of the day today.

13 Dec 11 WordPress Update

WordPress 3.3 is released. I will be updating all blogs to the current release throughout the day today.

12 Dec 11 outage

All wikis located on are currently down. An out of date extensions has allowed the upload of malicious files. Since there are over 70 wikis currently installed at that location, it will take some time to fix the issue before they wikis are reinstated. My current best estimate is the end of the day tomorrow, Dec 13.

15 Sep 11 Blog and Wiki Outage

A host server at Dreamhost experienced an outage today. All blogs and wikis were down from between 9:45am until 10:30am. The issue was on Dreamhost’s end.

28 Jul 11 back up

It appears Dreamhost has the host server back up and running. I cannot guarantee that it will remain up, so expect that there may be a few lingering hiccups.

28 Jul 11 is down

Dreamhost is currently suffering an outage on the blade server that hosts They are working on the issue with no estimated time of completion. This one is out of our hands.

14 Jul 11 Another WordPress Update

WordPress has pushed out another update package. I am applying the upgrade today to 3.2.1. Downtime should be less then a minute.