23 Dec 08 Update on ALA Island in Second Life

Banned Books Week at the end of September featured an ambitious build of a permanent site for Banned Books and OIF programs and events. We also contracted and had a garden created in place of the skating pond and Storytelling area. Storytelling continues in this beautiful spot. All stats for the BBW programming show an increase over last year’s figures.

In October we had several programs, among them, a presentation by author Cynthia Leitich Smith on the main stage that was well received. (Image link Cynthia Zanzibar (SL name of Cynthia Letitia Smith) talks about writing for Young Adults)

We continue to ramp up activities despite lack of support from staff who have signed up in SL …¬†few people¬†attend our weekly meetings to orient and assist new avatars get acclimated. In the meantime, ALA members in SL are putting together programs and plans for increased support of Midwinter activities in SL to share what is happening in Denver with those who cannot attend save via SL. We will provide Twitter feeds from the Youth Media Awards, the Midwinter Twitter feed, and reports from various MW attendees who have volunteered to report on what they do in Denver. A full schedule is being developed, and meetings at MW will be focused on programming for Annual Conference in Chicago.

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