08 Mar 07 List Server

Our list server (Listproc) went down yesterday. Listproc is now back up and running but is still experiencing some abnormal behavior. In the effort to get listproc back online, we may have lost some messages with all the spam that we deleted. Please check your lists for lost messages and resend them. Lists currently running on Sympa are not affected.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

06 Mar 07 Email Delay

The server that scans email for viruses was down last night. This caused a backlog of incoming email. We have about 4500 messages in the queue that need to be processed. The current configuration can process about 1000 messages an hour over the normal incoming rate.

27 Feb 07 Email Changes

We have been experiencing problems with our mail server lately, due in large part to heavy demand. A lot of this demand is spam, sadly. When we try to reduce spam by modifying our spam filtering, we bog down the mail server even further. We have not lost any mail, but we have experienced some significant delays. To rectify these problems, we are looking at a number of options. One option is to outsource some of our mail services. Another is to reduce the load on the current server by moving some services (discussion lists, for example) to other servers. We are developing a plan for these possible migrations and will have more information shortly.