21 Jan 09 Cause of outage inspires changes to access permissions in Collage

An inadvertent change to a file in the Project > Contribution area of Collage took the website down for three hours on Monday morning. To prevent such an incident from reoccurring, ITTS is changing access permissions so that most ALA staff and member-volunteers will no longer be able to edit in the Project > Contribution Setup area. This is the part of Collage that controls the folder types and document types, not the Content tab, which is where content is created and edited. Most member-volunteers and staff accomplish their tasks in the Content and Deploy tabs, which are still fully available to them.

Permissions are currently being adjusted to reflect this new policy. However, access to Contribution documents will always be available to those who need it. Division web managers are being provided with permissions to their specific  contribution folders and document types. Others who may need to make changes to Contribution documents should contact  to discuss their needs.

Please contact me if you have any questions.



Louise Gruenberg, MAE, MLS

Sr. Usability Officer

Information Technology & Telecommunications

American Library Association


800-312-280-2433, ex. 1395 

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